Witco is a B2B2C SaaS platform centralizing dozens of internal & external building services in a single app.





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What is Witco?

Witco est une plateforme SaaS B2B2C à destination des locataires de bureaux, coworkings et colivings qui permet de retrouver sur une seule app toutes les fonctionnalités liées à l’utilisation des services d'un immeuble au quotidien (i.e. prévenir que l’ascenseur est en panne et suivre l’avancement de la réparation, booker une salle, savoir qui est en télétravail ou en présentiel, commander un petit déjeuner, organiser un événement interne, télécharger sa quittance de loyer, etc).

Business and value proposition

Witco is a SaaS B2B2C platform for tenants of offices, coworking spaces and colivings that aggregates in on a single app all the functionalities related to the daily use of a building's services (i.e. notify that the lift has broken down and follows the progress of the repair, book a room, find out who is telecommuting or in person, order a breakfast, organize an internal event, download one's rent receipt, etc.)

Why we invested ?

Plenty of new digital services have emerged to facilitate the usage of office buildings. Meeting room reservation, ID verification, Parking management, maintenance... Witco aggregates all these services in one branded app for all the building users. Witco addresses every model (office, co-working, students housing, senior housing,...). Witco has already a great brand in the industry and a time to market in its favor as every asset manager are pushed by their clients to add more value to their buildings through digitalisation of many services.

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Paul Bazin

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Eliane Lugassy

Eliane Lugassy

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