2023 Annual ESG Report

The need to reduce our carbon emissions from 10 tons to 2 tons per person per year, which has been daphni’s mission during the last 8 years since its inception, is becoming ever more urgent, to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, as well as to hope of living in a more sustainable world. This is partly a technological challenge, coupled with sobriety, and daphni aims to be at its forefront!

But what actually happened in 2023 at daphni on the ESG side? 10 charities and initiatives supported ; 3,575 employees in our portfolio companies (+16% year on year) ; annual carbon footprint assessed and for our investments equivalent to 17tCO2e/m€ invested ; first annual ESG campaign through Apiday ; joining the iCI in June 2023 and the Mouvement France Impact in December 2023… If you wanna know more, check our ESG report below!

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French version