🗺 New Mapping out! Financial services for retail

🗺 New Mapping out!!!

Hi folks, 

It has been a year of resilience and change for RetailRetailers and merchants are seeing their margins shrink due to problems like inflation, supply chain issues, less-performing marketing strategies, and a higher interest rate environment.

🔎 This puts them on the hunt for solutions that allow them to:

  1. Offer new revenue streams (Consumer credit/BNPL, comprehensive BaaS solutions, embedded insurance, Card as a Service)
  2. Increase conversion rates (A2A payments, Consumer credit/BNPL, PaaS, new checkout experiences)
  3. Drive higher recurrence (NewGen Loyalty, Card benefits)
  4. Improve visibility/understanding of customers (open banking, checkhout +)

🚣 Where next? We see new trends that excite us such as:

  • Using AI to hyper-personalize the shopping and check-out experience for each customer
  • Expanding the shopping venue to the customer: Quick and simple checkout experiences where the customer is on the web (not necessarily in the merchant’s website)
  • Creating a closed loop for customers. Merchants will start offering everything customers might need with the seller’s branding in order to maximize the ticket size.
  • Collaboration between merchants to increase the flow of data through the value chain (breaking financial data silos)

🕵️ There are many exciting solutions we’ve gathered in this mapping, but we are on the lookout for the next generation of startups that are revolutionizing the purchasing experience (smoother, more profitable, more data-driven, AI-powered and more sustainable).

👽 If you are building in this space we’d love to hear more about your project! Apply your project here

Da yours,

The daphni team 👾

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