Who run the world? Girls.

Who run the world? Girls.

⚡️Fearless. Curious. Innovative. These are just a few words that describe the powerhouse that is Amandine de Souza, CEO of Le Bon Coin.

Amandine joined Sophie and Alexandra of Daphni in a recent podcast episode of Build Da City for Good! She shares with us her experience working in retail, e-commerce and tech, as well as emphasizing the importance of women supporting one another in business.

💡The key to business success, according to Amandine? Always being open to learning and trusting your intuition!

The Grenoble native has always been one to take charge, proposing innovative solutions to make the customer experience seamless and to provide more traffic to business. She has been at the forefront of e-commerce in Europe since its start and was behind the launch of BHV’s e-store in 2018, changing the operations of the retail giant for better.

At Le Bon Coin, she proudly leads the company’s mission to encourage second-hand consumption, simultaneously establishing a mentorship program for women of all ages who are pursuing careers in the tech industry.

An advocate for women in business, Amandine is also a member of Leia Capital, a group of business angels solely made up of women. Their goal is to provide strategic and financial support to projects founded by women.

What does Amandine love doing outside of work? Seeing live music and taking part in sports adventures! She tells us which artist she is excited to see this year and the athletic training she is currently enjoying. 🎶

Listen to the full conversation here. 🎧

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