Back to school folks!

Back to school folks!

Back to school folks!

Back to school folks!

Hi folks,

We hope you are doing well and had amazing holidays! The daphni team is back and we can’t wait to share with you what we have been preparing for the next months.

We know that you already miss summer, sea, sun. So here are some pics of the daphni team summer holidays as a last shot of vitamin D! It would help you regain strength for the coming (cloudy ☁️) weeks.

Also we couldn’t help but as we love to share everything, we gathered a list of our favorite summer discoveries (think about it for your next trip 😎 !)

✓ Alaâ had an amazing time at Menorca, and recommends you to visit the most charming one of the Balearic islands

✓ Pierre-Eric suggests to enjoy some time in the Cévennes at Mas Nouveau

✓ Stanislas went to do hiking in Cirque de Navacelles and invites you to do the same if you like great landscape and walking in the nature

✓ Stéphanie shares her crush: Loutro in Crete. An ancient fishing village only accessible by boat

Don’t hesitate to share with us where you have been! This is the magic of community 💛

But since we are back to work, let us share with you our latest news: daphni has just celebrated its 5th anniversary! And we’re really happy to share what has been achieved so far:

🟣🟡 2 funds, Purple and Yellow

🤜🤛 1 merge with our dear friend Jaïna Capital

💸 +400M€ assets under management

🔍 +10,000 decks reviewed on our platform, meaning 80,000 reviews written by our 8 investors (yes, they all have a look at your deck! 🤪)

💪 38 startups backed so far

👨‍💻 +2,500 jobs created

❤️ 7 NGOs supported

🔬 +350 experts helping us making key actions for the portfolios

👥 A team of mutant doers welded together

Anyway, stay tuned, we are very optimistic about the end of 2021. Let’s share good vibes and encourage each other !

Da yours,

The daphni team

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