Big news in da house!

Big news in da house!

We hope you folks are ready, cause we don’t have just 1 but 2 big announcements this week! 🥁 Da family is expanding VERY quickly with the arrival of Dema.ai and Airthium to our portfolio 🎉

Decarbonizing global industry? This is the big challenge that Andrei Klochko and Franck Lahaye took up with Airthium in 2016. Thanks to a revolutionary heat pump capable of heating between 150°C and 500°C, using existing heat and therefore consuming less energy. ⚡️️🌡 It’s not magic, it’s just super-smart! A disruptive innovation, based on the Stirling engine, that daphni is proud to support through a €3M funding! Because when we realize that industrial heat production accounts for 20% of direct CO2 emissions worldwide, we think (and more, we know!) that it’s important to support deeptech startups like Airthium. 

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to predict or anticipate the future? Thanks to Dema.ai, predictive analysis isn’t just for tomorrow, it’s for today! 🔮 (and no, it’s still not magic) Enough suspense, founded in 2022, Dema has already raised €7M to reshape predictive analytics in e-commerce. The Swedish startup uses the power of AI to offer a no-code tool for e-commerce companies of all sizes to grow profitably by being able to anticipate their revenue, profit, customer lifetime value, inventory, and optimal marketing spending.

These two projects bring us a step closer to meeting the objectives of the Cop 21 Paris Agreement, and reduce our carbon footprint from 10 to 2 t/CO2/person. 🚀🌱

Da best,

The daphni team

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