What happened on the ESG side at daphni this month? The recap!

daphni ESG recap

Hi folks,

The last few weeks have been packed with ESG announcements regarding daphni, and we thought it would be a good idea to do a quick recap for you (in case you missed one, or two of them).

If you didn’t know, March was the B Corp month. An opportunity for the global community of over 8,000 B Corps to join together and celebrate everything it means to be a B Corp.
Of course, that wasn’t the only reason for all these announcements, but we’re always proud to be part of this big family since being certified B Corp back in 2022. 

Let’s get back to the subject,

1- End of February, we published our 2023 ESG annual report. Basically, you’ll find everything that’s happened at daphni on the ESG side (charities supported, our annual carbon footprint assessed, etc.).

2- For those who have read our ESG report, you may have been intrigued when we discussed our approach to evaluate and quantify the impact of products and services within the investment opportunities we scrutinize.
🤝And because sharing is caringwe decided to share our Impact Scoring Tool, which is based on three pillars: impact, scale, and depth.

3- A week later, we launched Rainbow, our endowment fund dedicated to supporting charities working for a more sustainable world, and particularly in the field of social inclusion. 🌈 You’re wondering why “Rainbow”? What projects are we already supporting? All the answers to your questions are here.
Btw, we are still welcoming new project applications until April 30. Apply here!

4- And finally our Mission Committee Reportwhich we have just published. Don’t hesitate to have a look! It describes the progress made and areas for improvement with regard to our social and environmental objectives.

Wow! It was a lot at once! But we wanted to share all this with you because our ESG approach is an integral part of daphni’s DNA and mission since the inception.

👾 Kudos to our Head of Sustainability, Damien Didier, who contributed significantly to the implementation of all these initiatives, and the whole daphni team for its continuous support!

Da yours,

The daphni Team

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