Clara Chappaz, the new Director of La French Tech

Clara Chappaz, the new Director of La French Tech

Clara Chappaz, the new Director of La French Tech

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Clara Chappaz, the new Director of La French Tech

Hi folks! 

We hope you enjoyed last week’s day off (or, for the luckiest of you, a 4-day-long WE!) in honour of Bastille Day in France on July 14th! 🇫🇷 Talking about frenchy stuff, we didn’t come with empty hands this week, so we advise you to fasten your seatbelts, because we are going to talk about serious business for today’s portrait 😎

Ladies & gentlemen, let’s introduce to you Clara Chappaz, Director of La French Tech. Nominated late September, Clara Chappaz will not only take over from Kat Borlongan, but also all the serious topics of the upcoming years: to support French start-ups towards late-stage growth, internationalization, industrialization and so many more that you are going to discover. 

Clara truly has an impressive curriculum! She started her career with a V.I.E experience in Hong Kong, then managed to reach a Regional Manager position in an Asian marketplace company. After that, she decided to pack her bags to settle in Boston, where she graduated from the MBA of Harvard and launched her own company dedicated to … babies!

Back to her curriculum: Clara joined the 11th French unicorn Vestiaire Collective as a Chief Business Officer, prior to being nominated as the Director of La French Tech… unanimously!

We enjoyed this very insightful discussion at the heart of the hot topics of the moment, especially with the new presidential mandate that just started. We couldn’t wish anything else than best of luck to Clara for the great challenges to come! 

Sound on for Clara Chappaz, link to the episode just here.

Da yours, 

The daphni team

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