Energy, the thriving vertical of climate tech

Energy, the thriving vertical of climate tech

Hi folks,

It’s time to get excited about the hottest vertical in climate tech: energy (which received $31 Bn of VC funding in 2022) ! Lately the lens of carbon emissions dominated the way we think about sustainability. Yet the brutal spike of energy prices forced individuals and businesses to plainly look at their energy consumption – and try new things.

There are other people who accelerated : the entrepreneurs! The class of 2022 is here, and they’re bringing some serious energy to the table. Yes, investing in startups that have been around for a while can make you feel safer, but let’s not forget the newcomers to the game. If we don’t take risks, we won’t stand out. To make it easier, you can find them in the study here, they may be the next scale-ups 🚀

At daphni, we’re lucky enough to be meeting with a lot of these entrepreneurs, and let us tell you, the future of energy is looking bright! ☀️
By investing in the right technologies and supporting the right people, we can help create a cleaner and more sustainable world for ourselves and future generations. So get ready to ride the wave of the hottest vertical in climate tech!

By the way: got some inside scoop about exciting projects? We’re all ears!

Da yours,
The daphni team 👾

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