The Entrepreneurial mindset, by Sonia Lecommandoux

The Entrepreneurial mindset, by Sonia Lecommandoux

Hi folks, 

We hope you’re enjoying this bank holiday! You were maybe looking for something inspiring to listen to, or to motivate you going forward in your projects. Well, this editorial just came at the right moment then.

We are thrilled to introduce to our new episode with Sonia Lecommandoux, member our community, and co-founder of Semantiweb.
Sonia is not a « born-entrepreneur » but, as she says, a « born-creative » (in love with the wording!), and it requires the same energy and the same passion for innovation!

This is the reason why she created Semantiweb. This B2B company is specialized in smart data, social media intelligence and e-listening. It’s collecting, analyzing and delivering consumer insights, in order for brands to be more relevant and at the closest of consumer expectations and needs. 

In the episode, Sonia recalls when she decided to dive into the entrepreneurial world with her friend and colleague Virginie Barbieri, and when they first got to seek funds. Actually, the story behing Semantiweb’s first round is pretty funny, but we’ll let you discover it by yourself!

It was also an opportunity to talk about the place of women in the start-up ecosystem, why having a supportive co-founder is important, and what happened when Semantiweb was bought by the media giant Webedia. Big program, right? 


Da yours, 

The daphni team

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