Agua Blanca’s marketplace is coming soon!

Agua Blanca’s marketplace is coming soon!

Remember back in July when we announced our investment in Agua Blanca, THE new personal and home care brand? Well, we’re very excited about their official launch coming very soon! What a milestone! 

Agua Blanca was founded last year by Sébastien Fabre and Yann Le Chatelier. Their background speaks for themselves: they both come from Vestiaire Collective. The duo have already shown its ability to work together as Vestiaire Collective has become a unicorn in March.

With this new project Agua Blanca, Sébastien and Yann are aiming to redefine our vision of home and personal care.

“Our catalog responds to a strong desire to advance the use of eco-responsible products, without actually mentioning it. I believe that awareness is general, but users need guidance, tools, and especially not a lecture on their relationship to ecology. says Yann. 

The marketplace is selecting responsible brands only, and which are pleasant for the senses and for the environment.  ​​​​Agua Blanca’s manifesto reflects what it means for them to be engaged: to take the lead of a movement by changing consumption patterns. And at daphni, we are completely aligned with this vision!

Anyway, you got it folks, these are the reasons why we decided to support the team for its seed round last July, and we cannot wait to see its achievements! 

By the way, we almost forgot to tell you that Sébastien was the guest of our podcast. In the episode, he told us everything about his experience in Vestiaire Collective and this whole new adventure with Agua Blanca.

Cheers to Sébastien, Yann and the team, we wish you the best of luck for this big launch! Someone tells me that Monday could be the big day… Stay tuned 😉

The daphni team

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