Environmental Impact: Agri-Food, Fashion, and Construction Go Green!

Environmental Impact: Agri-Food, Fashion, and Construction Go Green!

♻️Pressure from regulators demanding greater transparency from companies has intensified.
At the same time, customers and employees are making the distinction between greenwashing and true transparency, increasing the effects of boycotts.
As a result, companies need to be aware of their environmental footprint to move towards neutrality. Initially, the solutions proposed to the various sectors were based on low-level data provided by ADEME (Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie). However, to know their real impact and make the necessary adjustments, companies soon needed more precise solutions.
This gave rise to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model, which aims to calculate the environmental impact of each product throughout the production value chain.

​​​​​​To obtain accurate data, we need LCA measurements carried out by industry specialists, enabling us to measure improvements over time.

On June 28th, daphni attended the Green Data event hosted by BPI France in collaboration with Citizen CapitalMaddyness, and PwC. On this occasion, companies from the agri-food, fashion, and construction sectors showcased the utility of environmental impact assessment solutions:
Carrefour with Carbon MapsAdore Me with CarbonfactSt Gobain Distribution with Kompozite.

  • Agri-food sector: As one of the highest emitting industries (~25% of the world emission), Carrefour is working on the implementation of an ecoscore for food products. Actors such as Carbon Maps can allow them to improve their impact by switching suppliers but also by changing some habits in their current sourcing chain. 


  • Although the fashion industry is rather late on ESG issues, Adore Me has made it one of its priorities. By partnering with startup Carbonfact, the fashion brand is able to access the real time calculation and analysis of the carbon footprint of their products using rigorous methodologies such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). An interesting insight of Adore Me founder is that their ESG know-how and technologies were very well valued during their acquisition process by Victoria’s Secret.


  • Finally, for the construction industry, St gobain Distribution spoke alongside the startup Kompozite. The company could provide St gobain with a clear idea of the carbon emissions linked to the construction of a building (transport, routing, use of raw materials).


Da yours,
​​​​The daphni Team

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