World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day

Last Tuesday was World Refugee Day, a good opportunity to shed light on a cause we’ve been supporting for 5 years: CHAMS.

This NGO is tackling a societal issue as it wants to create and operate coding, computer science, and entrepreneurship schools within and near refugee camps. Present in Jordan and Kenya, the goal is to train 10,000 students worldwide by 2030. And to reach that goal, CHAMS has recently announced the opening of a new school ‘42 Amman’ in partnership with Ecole 42.

The school will offer a 18-month program to 300 vulnerable youth each year providing opportunities to migrants and disadvantaged local Jordanian youth alike. This initiative aims to provide specialized IT and digital project services to large companies in the region. By doing so, it will have a significant impact, promoting self-reliance among refugees in hosting countries. This will uplift vulnerable communities out of poverty and enable graduates to establish dignified lives, restoring their self-esteem and empowering them to become self-reliant individuals who contribute positively to society. 💙

We can’t be proud enough regarding all the achievements of Sofiane Ammar (founder of CHAMS) and his team! They’re true game changers and we cannot wait to see what they’re cooking for the following months.

Da best,

The daphni team

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