Franck Lebouchard: THE man of the situation

Franck Lebouchard: THE man of the situation

Franck Lebouchard: THE man of the situation

franck lebouchard

Franck Lebouchard: THE man of the situation

Hi folks! 

As we celebrated the “Fête de la Musique” 2 days ago, we thought it was the perfect moment to introduce an inspiring member of our community: Franck Lebouchard


The entrepreneurship was seedling quite early in Franck’s life, as his grand-father, then his father, directed a family company. But as things do happen for a reason, Franck decides to put all his energy into something new, rather than following what would have been a “ready-made” familial path.


After his studies at HEC, he worked for Hachette Group in Barcelona, a period he qualifies as “pure oxygen”. He encourages each one of us to spend some time abroad as it brings so much learning!  

A real leader: that’s what we could also add about Franck Lebouchard, as he managed more than 15 000 people in Castorama, and then decided to join Pathé-Gaumont as Managing Director when the group was in a crisis. But what is the link with the music festival, you will tell me? Well, Franck became Devialet’s CEO in 2018!!


“Devialet taught me at least one thing (well I’ve learnt a lot of course but if I had to choose one): when you arrive in the morning and you know that you are going to spend it with brilliant people, it gives you incredible energy and strength, it’s extraordinary” Franck says.

What we will remember about the discussion with Franck is that he’s always learning, taking risks, and encouraging French innovation and entrepreneurship!


As tech and music lovers and as investors of course, we are equipped with Phantom speakers from Devialet. You would be impressed by the unique sound quality! 🔊


Da yours, 


The daphni team

PS: Monday was International Refugee Day, which is very close to our hearts as we support CHAMS, an NGO which provides coding training in refugee camps, enhancing their employment opportunities. To support CHAMS, head to their website and do not hesitate to reach out to Sofiane Ammar to make a donation. 🙏

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