Leocare x Angell: da power of community

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Leocare x Angell: da power of community

Hi folks, 

We’re not in fairy tales, but sometimes, when 2 daphnipolitans meet each other, magic happens

A few days ago, on Leocare’s LinkedIn, we came across a familiar silhouette in their offices. Marc Simoncini, partner at daphni and Angell Bike’s founder… wearing a purple shirt… Leocare’s logo color 💜 Curious… 🤔 We didn’t have to wait too long to discover the reason for his visit.

Leocare has announced that they are now providing their employees with Angell bikes in order to promote alternative mobility and to reduce their carbon footprint. A great initiative we can all learn from!

Did you know that around 70% of gas emissions were due to commuting from home to work? Huge, right?! The good news is: companies are becoming more and more aware of such topics and are committed to making things change! 

If the distance between your home and your workplace enables it, we highly encourage you to bring out your bike! Good for the environment, good for your mind, good for your health. 💯

We’re very proud to back such a company, truly acting for our society! You’re not convinced about how a neo-insurance is Building da city For Good? Have a look at this video of the Morning broadcast of Europe 1, in which Christophe Dandois, Leocare’s CEO, presents their 100% digital app, providing all-in-one insurance services, at a competitive price for its users.

Long live Leocare! 

Da yours, 

The daphni team

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