Happy Bastille Day !

Happy Bastille Day !

Although France didn’t win the UEFA EURO 2020 Cup ⚽, we still have a lot to be proud of !

As we celebrated France’s National Day yesterday, we would like to congratulate our 35 portofolio startups for all their achievements and hard work ! 👏👏 At daphni, we are thrilled to be supporting French startups (and Europeans as well 🇪🇺).

We know that it wasn’t an easy year but the challenges were worth the pain.

With 7 new unicorns up until now (which is equal to 2019 and 2020 together), France showed its ability to bring all what it takes to turn a promising startup into a global giant. And we couldn’t be prouder to see our portfolio company Back Market, that we have supported for years, entering the VIP list. 😎

At daphni, we are very excited to back up incredible startups, willing to build da city for good and who are sharing our vision of what the future should look like. More transparency, more inclusion, more cohesion, more innovation … and less pollution, less old-school habits, less solo players.

That’s why this first semester was an intense one for our Yellow fund, as we managed to close 6 new deals with Save MarketLeocareHubcycleStocklyAgua Blanca, and Pasqal. And there are more coming… Stay tuned !

We are convinced that the coming semester will be full of new adventures and we can’t wait to share them all with you.

Besides, we also would like to dedicate this editorial to Kat Borlongan for all the amazing job she did during her 3 year-old mission, as the Head of French Tech. Kat paved the way for a whole new generation of founders who are willing to bring their vision to this thriving ecosystem. Thank you Kat !

Don’t forget to listen to Kat’s episode on daphni’s podcast “Build da City. For. Good.” where she tells us everything she and her team have been doing for the past 3 years with hundreds of communities around the world, rankings, support programs, international attractiveness, as well as the challenges she has faced !

But for now, let’s have a break and enjoy these — so well deserved — holidays (for those who are lucky enough to be already on vacation…)

See you soon 👋

The daphni team

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