It’s time to #REmadeinFrance with Underdog

It's time to #REmadeinFrance with Underdog

Hey folks,

Did you know that each minute in France, 48 household appliances are thrown away? Meaning 2 tons disappear, just like that! Oh no, there’s nothing magical about it, they just don’t vanish in the air… A big problem that must be tackled!​​​​​

We can finally reveal that Underdog will be tackling the issue, and we’re proud to say we have participated in their first round of €3.8m among SISTAFUND, Founders Future, Tivoli Capital and Leia Capital! 🎉
The startup was founded in 2022 by a female trio: Claire BrettonLaura Chavigny and Léa de Fierkowsky, and their ambition is to become the specialist of reconditioned household appliances in France 🇫🇷
The process?

☝️Step 1:  Collecting defective household appliances.
🛠Step 2: Repairing them in their factory in Nantes, with refurbishing professionals. And hop, just like new! ✨
🧼Step 3: Lathering up in order to make the appliances as clean as possible!​​​​​​
🤝Step 4:  Selling them on underdog.shop at prices up to 50% off a new one. The products are delivered and installed at your place, with a 2 years warranty.

In other words, it’s full stack: sourcing, reconditioning, selling.
You guessed it, the services are similar to new with home delivery, optional item installation, trade-in program for old items, affordable price.

The website currently offers dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers, but their ambition is limitless. Thanks to this fundraising, they aim to expand internationally in the future, and have a goal of refurbishing 50,000 machines by 2025.

🎧For the occasion, Claire Bretton visited us to talk about her background, Underdog’s mission, her Business Angel hat and much more during a new podcast episode to listen here.

As you probably know, our role at daphni is to invest in projects that have a positive impact. That’s why we are happy to see Underdog joins other circular economy startups in the daphni portfolio along with Back MarketGeevFaume

Da yours,
The daphni team 👾

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