How Tiller became Tiller by Sumup in 7 years

How Tiller became Tiller by Sumup in 7 years

How Tiller became Tiller by Sumup in 7 years

How Tiller became Tiller by SumUp in 7 years

Folks, you might be familiar with our podcast! Its mission? To highlight the members of our community: bold people making bold choices! And today, we’re happy to share our latest episode, the one with Dimitri telling us about his company Tiller by Sumup!

Still students, DimitriJosef and Scott founded Tiller in 2014, a management solution for restaurants & merchants offering a set of digital services. Using all the means at their disposal and a strong motivation, they realize in 2016 the biggest Seed raising of the time.

But how did Tiller become Tiller by Sumup? Well, in 2020, at the stage of a new fundraising, the team is approached for a buyout. At first reluctant, they were finally won over by the idea! It complements Sumup’s vision, offers opportunities on a larger scale, while maintaining complete autonomy… Sometimes, there are opportunities that you can’t refuse if you want to become a market leader!

But what has changed since then? This is precisely what you will discover if you click here and listen to the episode 😉 Enjoy!

Da yours,
The daphni team

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