Just a little “au revoir” !

Just a little “au revoir” !

Hi daphni pals! 👋

Whether you are planning to catch the sun in Provence or enjoy a good hike in Corsica, we know that you waited for summer break for soooo long! And we feel you.

At daphni, despite the lockdowns and the remote work, we had such an incredible year and we always love sharing with you what is up.

We also know that it is not always easy to completely disconnect from work but here are some suggestions to really make these holidays restful:

📧 Log out from your professional emails. In late-July / mid-August, there is little chance that something really important happens. Obviously, in case of an emergency, people know how to join you.

📚 Bring some books with you! Even comics or short novels. We all spend a lot of time on screens. Summer is the perfect time to rest your eyes from blue light.

🏋️‍♀️ Practise some physical activities. Swim, run, walk, hike! After long months of remote work, during which we did not really move that much, it’s more than needed!

🧐 Try new things. What if you finally tried this cooking class or went to this exhibition? It could seem insignificant but it’s actually a powerful way to refill with good vibes.

💖 Last but not least, enjoy quality time with family and friends (with distances and hand sanitizer, a little reminder never hurts folks)

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you did during your holidays when you come back, we always love to hear from our dear community. We are looking forward to seeing you soon and to tell you what we are planning for the next months.

Voilà ! It’s high time for us all to take a break and to wish you an amazing summer break!

Da yours,

The daphni team

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