Living DA life!

Living DA life!

Do you think you can use the services of our 25 companies in less than 12 hours ? Read our friend Daphne’s story below and you will be surprised!

During a sunny morning in Paris, Daphne wakes up realising that her washing machine has broken down, so she orders a new one from Bosch on Back Market. Luckily, one of Fretlink’s trucks passes by the Bosch warehouse and optimises the delivery by filling in the last tiny space remaining in the truck. Once delivered in the Parisian warehouse, Trusk puts the command in the best light truck and delivers it. Daphne will receive her new refurbished machine to her home in less than 48 hours.

Once the order passed, Daphne takes a Zoov bike to work. Since her company signed a deal with Zoov, she gained 50% of her daily commuting time. It was one of the great ideas her manager had. Another great idea was to sign a deal with Lunchr, instead of offering the classical meal vouchers. She really likes to be able to top-up her lunch card in case her lunch costs her more than 19€ and having all the associated discounts when the team has lunch together. She is also very happy to be able to pay for the best pizza she has ever tasted, made by Pazzi robots, with her Lunchr card. More than being delicious, she was fascinated by watching the Pazzi robot juggling all these pizzas!

One of her afternoon tasks is to find a great tech team, which will develop the new product of her company. She will need very qualified talents as the product she is working on is an autonomous car application powered by AnotherBrain technology. She uses Foxintelligence to find the best performing platform for freelancers. Therefore, she selects Comet to define the mission and selects the complementary developers she will work with for this project. She knows that the project will be smooth due to the quality of the developers, especially since they are all using Shine, which allows them to focus on the work they need to do, instead of low value administrative tasks.

Thanks to her company bank, Memo Bank, she will be able to make payments and monitor the expenses of this specific project in a seamless way. She is particularly excited about the quality and high level of skills of the developers she has selected, as most of them have been trained at Holberton SchoolOn top of their talent, she is happy about their perfect ability to work in and as a team, even remotely.

After this, Daphne hands over the management of the project to her new employee David, as she knows she can trust him. She hired him using the Goshaba tool, which matched David’s profile with the corporate culture and the job description. Therefore, she is sure that David fits with the culture and that he has everything needed to properly perform his new job. In fact, if David is not a match or if he feels overpassed by his new job, Daphne will know it thanks to Butterfly.ai, and she will be helped by the software on how to manage David in a better way.

After her work day, Daphne has a dinner at her old friend Damien’s place. They meet each other at the music conservatory. She told Damien that she will bring the dessert, so she buys some Agricool strawberries for the dinner at the Monoprix next to Damien’s place. They are his favorites!

When she enters the flat, a warm and delicious smell of oriental spices welcomes her. Understanding that they will have Beendi meals for dinner, she can’t hide her happiness and gives David a big smile. Thanks to Zoe, she knows that, more than being very tasty, coral lentils are very good for her health. And through Lifen, she has been able to share her microbiome test result directly to her nutritionist to continue being followed on this matter.

To her surprise, she almost doesn’t recognize Damien’s place. Indeed, he has renovated the flat completely, giving it a fresher look! When asked if the process was painful, Damien says that it was the smoothest construction work he has ever done. Thanks to Héméa’s platform, the renovation process finished on time and on budget. More than the renovation, Damien also changed a lot of his furniture. Daphne asks him what he has done with it. “As the renovation didn’t cost me more than expected, I gave away all my old furniture on Geev” he answers. “It is an incredible feeling to give and I felt great every time I met the person who was adopting my old items. “Speaking of good plans” says Damien. “I have downloaded the Metronaut app to practice the piano. It’s so wonderful to be accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra, rather than practicing alone over and over. You remember, during our time at the conservatory, how boring it was to practice in our rooms by without company?”

-”I have the same feeling when using the Keakr app! I was so bored of not being able to share the beats I create. After using the app, I realised how fulfilling it is to have others using my tracks — now I’m discovering new urban artists singing on top of what I have created! ”


After the dinner, they watch the movie The Holiday in Damien’s new couch. They both love Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, but none of them can remember the name of one of the other actors, the one who also starred in Gulliver’s Travels. They had a hard time remembering who he was. Fortunately, they were able to use Reminiz to know that it was Jack Black on the screen two minutes ago.
Speaking of holidays, Daphne and Damien would love to go to Budapest for a weekend. In real time, they looked at all the accommodation offers on the CozyCozy mobile app and booked a great flat in the city center very quickly.

The sun is falling upon Daphne’s day. It’s time to say good bye to Damien and go to bed — tomorrow she needs to wash her clothes 🙂

In less than 12 hours, Daphne used 100% of daphni’s portfolio companies, and that… is to be continued!

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