Maya Noël’s mission to scale France’s tech champions!

Maya Noel daphni podcast

Maya Noël’s mission to scale France’s tech champions!

Hi folks!

Nice to be back!!

You may have just dropped off at school your kids for their first day… meaning that summer is definitely over ☀️😢

But the good part of it is that we’re back on track with a lot of fresh ideas, with amazing news and events to come 😊 … Enough spoilers, you’ll discover it all at the appropriate time!

Talking about events, there’s one that we definitely don’t want to miss: the France Digitale Day, THE event of this month, planned on 28th September. 📅

That’s why we’re putting the lights on Maya Noël, aka France Digitale’s Director, a leading personality of our ecosystem. We had the great pleasure to welcome her on our podcast Build da City for Good to discuss France Digitale’s missions.

France Digitale is an association which gathers a community of entrepreneurs and investors around the table to work together on how French startups could become European’s tech champions of tomorrow.

Ambitious goal, right? But ambition ain’t no problem when passion and dedication are here!

And sometimes, stars just align themselves at the right moment: at the end of her studies, Maya Noël had the option to start an internship at Crédit Suisse… or another one as the right-hand of a CEO in a startup. You know what happened next 😉 That’s how she discovered the startup environment. She even experienced herself the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, as Maya launched Yborder, an international recruitment platform for mobile devs.

🎙️ Discover more about Maya’s background and missions at France Digitale in this new episode!

Da yours,

The daphni team

👾 PS: MUTANT WANTED! We were almost about to forget: we need YOU! We’re looking for our next rockstar Office Manager to join our crazy team so if you have any great recommendations to share with us, please feel free to get in touch with [email protected]

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