Solidaires en Peloton x daphni

Solidaires en Peloton x daphni

Hi folks!

Let’s talk about an important subject. As you know at daphni, we are committed to supporting initiatives which are deserving of our collective attention. 

You may have heard about multiple sclerosis before, a disease affecting more than 100,000 people in France, and 2,500 new are diagnosed each year. Unfortunately, research on this disease is still lacking. 🧑‍⚕️

Few weeks ago, we met Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, skipper and winner of multiple sailing competitions. He presented Solidaires en Peloton, representing the ARSEP Foundation (helping research on multiple sclerosis) in different sporting challenges. Their goal is to raise awareness on the benefits of sport on this disease, and to help collect funds for ARSEP Foundation.

This year, Solidaires en Peloton is celebrating its 10th anniversary and we are very happy to unveil that we’re joining forces to support Thibaut.

What’s next then? 
As a first challenge, Solidaires en Peloton will be participating in the Pro Sailing Tour. The first race is planned from 11th to 15th May, in Corsica. ⛵

We warmly thank Thibaut for his trust and dedication. We can’t wait to be onboarded on Solidaires en Peloton and we are very happy to take part in this important cause.

We are also supporting other initiatives that we think are truly making things change. To learn more about daphni’s dedications, click here

It’s the beginning of an exciting season coming, stay tuned! 🌊

Da yours, 

The daphni team

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