Let’s introduce… Fatou Diagne (Bootstrap Europe)

Fatou Diagne daphni podcast

Let’s introduce… Fatou Diagne (Bootstrap Europe)

Hi folks!

You know it if you’re one of our dear weekly readers: community is key at daphni. That’s why we launched our podcast “Build. da City. For Good” to make you discover the talented people we are surrounded by.

Putting the lights on our daphnipolitans is more than creating content: it’s about empowering you with inspiring interviews.

Fatou Diagne, co-founder and managing partner at Bootstrap Europe, is one of those people who truly act to help entrepreneurs do great things. She focuses on sourcing, risk evaluation, negotiation and due diligence of new investment opportunities with Bootstrap, which is a European venture debt fund.  

She defines herself as being rather “Ron than Harry” (do you have the reference?! she is talking about Harry Potter right!) as she considers that she acts like a facilitator for entrepreneurs. And she talks by experience, as she also created her own company “The Real Economy Effect”, prior to joining Bootstrap Europe (but we’ll let you hear the podcast to catch more details!). 😉

She literally made us travel, as she lived in more than 5 countries. Besides, we take the opportunity to thank her for her time, as she is now based in Zurich. 🇨🇭

Fatou is also a generous woman, who shared with us a lot… But that’s enough talk! Let’s leave you with Fatou, hosted by our amazing Sophie & Pierre-Eric Leibovici 🎙️

Don’t hesitate to discover our last episodes on our Podcasts section on daphni’s website! 🎧

Da yours, 

The daphni team

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