Sound on for daphni series!

daphni series

Sound on for daphni series!

Aaaaaaand…. ACTION!! 


Folks, you know us now, we are never running out of great ideas! So after the daphni podcast, we are very happy to unveil what we’ve been cooking lately: THE DAPHNI SERIES!! 🎥


Yes, you read it right! We put our casting directors’ hats on to produce this first episode of the daphni series, with Marion Carrette and Marc Simoncini!


This is a unique behind-the-scenes that we are showcasing here, with a focus on the entrepreneur-investor relationship 🤝 and what it really implies. Marc and Marion recall their first meeting, the entrepreneurial journey they shared together to build OuiCar, the ups and downs they have faced 🧗 and so many things that we will let you discover in the video! And what a better place for such a moment than daphni offices


🍿 Grab a tube of popcorn, make yourself comfortable, and turn the sound on to enjoy the upcoming 9 minutes! (If you’re too busy changing the world, you can watch the 1min teaser).


Da yours, 


The daphni team

PS: Big up to our friends at Mosh agency for the great work!!

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