What is (really) a term sheet?

term sheet

What is (really) a term sheet?

Hi folks! 


Today, we’re highlighting an article about a crucial one for founders, especially when the time comes for raising funds. 


We’re talking about… the investment process, and specifically signing a term sheet! For both sides, start-ups and VCs, the process could be either very smooth and friendly or very heavy and stressful. 


But let’s not forget that, at the end of the day, it’s about creating honest and trustful relationships, as both parties are going to be business partners and building the nicest entrepreneurial adventure together. 


If you’re in the ecosystem, you should be familiar with what the word “term sheet” refers to but do you know what it really implies behind?


Our article explains very concretely what the whole process is about, and gives you examples of Dos and Don’ts, directly based on our portfolio start-ups founders’ experience. 


We hope this would be an instructive reading for you!  A special thanks to Stanislas Lot for his great contribution to this article! If you’re curious about daphni latest news, read our other chronicles or listen to our Build da City For Good podcast


Da yours, 


The daphni team


PS: Speaking of term sheets, we recommend you to have a look at this report by Mountside Ventures and Landscape VC, which reveals and analyzes the standard terms of 200+ VCs. It is aimed at founders to demystify the VC when raisin an institutional round.

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