Sylvain Lambert, meet a pioneer in sustainability and ESG

Sylvain Lambert, meet a pioneer in sustainability and ESG

In the ecosystem, there are visionaries who don’t just ride the waves of change, they create them. Sylvain Lambert, cofounder of PwC‘s Sustainable Development Advisory Department for over three decades, is one such luminary.

Being surrounded by people and entrepreneurs committed to creating disruptive innovations stimulates us at daphni. Sylvain Lambert dared to embark himself on this journey when no one believed that sustainability would be the future. ♻️

Damien DidierESG manager at daphni & Stanislas Lotpartner at daphni, have chosen to host our latest podcast episode with our guest Sylvain Lambert in order to share with you his valuable advice on European regulations (and much more!).
For an hour, we delve into the heart of European regulation and its impact on companies’ ESG decisions, but also how to hold corporations accountable for their environmental and social footprints (with SFDR or CSRD for example).

Other topics covered included :

💶 Where do environmental and financial issues meet?
🌱 The 4 points requested by asset managers on the sustainable development aspects of major companies 
🧍The challenge of anticipating human behavior
 ♻️ When the ESG data will be the financial data ?

🎧If these questions interest you, the episode is all yours 

Da yours,

The daphni Team 👾

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