Waste management & supply chain optimization

Waste management & supply chain optimization

Waste management & supply chain optimization

Waste management & supply chain optimization

Hi folks,

When you learn that 10 million tons of food are thrown away or lost every year in France, you can’t help but think that this is no longer acceptable. It’s even worse in the non-food sector, where the market value of unsold products is estimated at €4 billion. So, hold on tight, we have some solutions for you…

But the current context on prices and inflation affects everyone, including retailers, startups, and consumers. So we wonder, more than ever: how to maintain prices while remaining competitive and reduce waste? Here’s a hint: the answer lies in optimizing the supply chain. We’ll tell you more…

It’s not just about saving money. This waste problem is more than a numbers game; it’s an eco-groove.

Alexandra Dubar, an investor at daphni, and Ophélie Derlon, our research manager, have prepared an overview of the market and innovative solutions.

📦 Overproduction and stock destruction messing up supply chains and cranking up the corporate carbon emissions. That’s why specialized services can help you on :
order optimization like Ida (for fresh produce) or Autone.
inventory management like Prediko (based on Artificial Intelligence) or Stockly (pooling).

♻️ Concerning recycling and reuse, companies like Hubcycle are turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s treasure.

⚡️️ To finally help you to shrink your carbon footprint, focus on energy efficiency (with Voltfang) or short circuits (have a look at KheopsNectargo and Strime).

We hope we’ve given you the keys to better waste management in the supply chain. If you want more detail, it’s right here.

Da yours,

The daphni Team 👾

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