VC Bridge is BACK!

VC Bridge is BACK!

VC Bridge is BACK!

VC Bridge is back!

You might remember VC Bridge 2018 and 2019… and after a (forced) pause due to covid, we’re thrilled to organize the VC Bridge 2022! Yes folks, we’re back with a third edition happening on December 5th in Paris, from 2.30 to 8.30, at weare club!

This time, we’re teaming up the amazing funds GSV Ventures, Lakestar and Notion Capital, and are all glad to be backed by La French Tech Community Fund that supports projects and initiatives led by players in the French Tech ecosystem all aiming at highlighting important topics such as diversity & environment.

You know it as much as we do: the world is changing, with its set of challenges. This is the reason why this year’s theme is ‘New Cosmos’. It’s about our new environment and the shift it involves. It’s about dealing with new paradigms: less excess, new types of opportunities, new disruptions to invent and support. During a whole afternoon, top executives, politicians, entrepreneurs, VCs, inspirational speakers, creators from all over Europe will share their vision of this new environment.

The VC Bridge invites us to make a plan for tomorrow, for the future we want to live in. Focusing on the tech ecosystem and its agility, ‘New Cosmos’ will put the light on the capabilities that can accelerate the required transition ahead. Because tech remains one of the answers! 

Stay tuned,

The daphni team


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