Welcome in da family Starton! ?

Welcome in da family Starton! 🚀

Here we go again!

2021 was great… 2022 is going to be AWESOME

Folks, we are super, super (super!) proud to announce our first investment in the web3, backing the brilliant Starton!

Fabien Poggi and Cédric Cervantes, cofounders, are joining da family, and it’s for the best! These former students of Ecole 42 are in the starting-blocks to become the number one of the web3 revolution.

But basically, what is Starton about? Starton is a developer tool that allows to turn a web2 product or service into web3 in a few clicks through an API. As a reminder, and for those who are not familiar with this new concept, web3 refers to a decentralized online ecosystem based on the blockchain.

With Starton, you can create cryptocurrencies, NFT or smart contracts adapted to your industry, and all of this very simply. To make it more concrete, if you want to turn a traditional fantasy football game into Sorare, Starton is probably the best tool to use!

This pre-seed round of 3,8M€ aims to help them hire new talents, develop their product and provide future developers with qualitative training. We can’t wait to see what these game-changers will come up with!

Anyway, now that we have piqued your curiosity, we’ll leave you with Fabien telling you his story and Starton’s, in our new podcast episode.

Da yours,

The daphni team

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