Why we invested in Starton

Why we invested in Starton

Starton is a developer tool that allows to turn a web2 product or service into web3 in a few clicks through an API.

Starton is our first investment in the web3 industry. As a reminder, and for those who are not familiar with this new concept, Web3 is a vision of the future of the Internet based on blockchain technologies (wallet/crypto/ NFT) in which people operate on decentralized rather than depend on tech giants like Google, Facebook or Twitter.

With Starton, you can create cryptocurrencies, NFT or smart contracts adapted to your industry in a few clicks. To make it more concrete, if you want to turn a traditional fantasy football game into Sorare, Starton is probably the best tool to use. If you want to tokenize real estate or create an internal cryptocurrency you should also have a look at what they do. 


We think that Starton’s potential is tremendous since they are building the infrastructure of the web3 and the switching cost is very high when you use these kinds of services. The pain on the market is obvious since there is a strong tension on hiring web3 developers (with only 18k developers specialized in web3 in the world) and security and maintenance on web3 products are quite complicated. We also like the fact that they target multiple industries (gaming, e-commerce, finance…) and they can position themselves in the future on the fastest growing industries on the web3.


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