Westabout round-the-world record by Use It Again!

Westabout round-the-world record by Use It Again!

Hi folks,

As you may know, daphni has a long love story with sports. Through tennis 🎾(we have great tennis players at the office), or biking 🚵‍♂️(with Techbikers) but also… sailing!

Today, we are putting the lights on a challenge that we’re actively supporting at daphni: the westabout round-the-world record by skippers Romain Pilliard and Alex Pella. ⛵🌊

Through this sporting challenge, Romain and Alex are willing to promote the re-use of materials as they will be doing so with Ellen MacArthur’s former trimaran. With Use it Again!, Romain has always been committed to promoting the circular economy. The mantra is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle ♻️

He is convinced that a sporting challenge is completely possible with a minimal impact on the environment, and he has been proving it with his whole process to prepare the trimaran before the BIG DAY.

Romain Pilliard and his team have been preparing for months and we can’t wait to see Alex and him diving into this exciting journey! For instance, keep in mind that they had to carefully choose 2 meals per day for 2 people for 112 days, and that’s already 340 kg-weight!

Why are we so excited about this? Because 11 000 people went to the top of Everest, but only 5 people did a reversed round-the-world!

Now, the time has come for them to finally concretize this project… and we are very proud to announce that Romain Pilliard and Alex Pilla will be departing very soon from Lorient to start their big journey, sailing on the oceans!

The whole daphni team sends them their best wishes! Fair winds and following seas! 🌬️

Go, go, go !!

Da yours,

The daphni team

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