What if the next Steve Jobs was a refugee ?

What if the next Steve Jobs was a refugee ?

What if the next Steve Jobs was a refugee ?

What if the next Steve Jobs was a refugee ?

Last Sunday was World Refugee Day!

And this is a great opportunity to remind you that an amazing NGO exists that supports refugees. It is called CHAMS, and it has been found by the inspiring Sofiane Ammar.

Sofiane is convinced that there are plenty of hidden talents in refugees camps and that is the reason why he decided to create an NGO startup in computer code education. CHAMS was also born because innovation in higher education in the humanitarian field is missing worldwide, especially in professional training such as coding. For the past 2 years, we have been happy to support his incredible project: the creation of coding schools in refugee camps allowing them to follow a free and certified training to become a Full stack Web and Mobile developer.

Today, CHAMS has a school in Mafraq and Amman in Jordan, in partnership with NGOs like Na’amal and Paper Airplane. A partnership with Holberton school, from our Purple portfolio, on the Operating System of teaching, in order to create an adapted “blended” type course for these audiences. A new project? The ‘Ecole 42’ in Amman in 2022 with the ambition to launch 1300 students in the region.

Check out the testimony of a student, Elizabeth Davis, through this video made just a few days ago in the Zaatari camp in Jordan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFU-vzXnIHk.

SO, for this important cause, we invite you to support Chams-NGO with us. For every euro donated to CHAMS, daphni will double the amount! Click on the link and donate if you do believe like us that creating talent in code will positively impact thousands of people around the trained refugees: https://cutt.ly/An1hPzl.

With LOVE 💜

The daphni team



PS: You can listen our episode from our podcast to get to know more about Sofiane and CHAMS here: https://cutt.ly/Dg3R3mx.

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