Why we invested in Agricool

Why we invested in Agricool

Agricool offers healthy food and locally produces fruits and vegetables in urban areas through highly efficient vertical farming solutions.

To start with, the agricultural market naturally poses great innovation opportunities as it is enormous in size, but plagued by many inefficiencies. Not only is it characterized by fragmented players and many intermediaries constituting the value chain, but customers are also very far away from the producers. On top of this, the market has barely seen any innovation on the production side. No players within fruits and vegetables have managed to create a massive and relatable brand, and customers struggle to enjoy high quality products.

The reason why Agricool caught our attention is because the team successfully manages to bring disruption to all parts of the value chain. By transforming containers into closed-loop farming systems, they can offer local, high quality produce in urban areas and do so without adding any toxic pesticides. More than this, Agricool relies on strong R&D to continuously improve productivity and create a profitable model where customers can enjoy tasty and fresh high quality produce from a brand truly caring about changing the customer experience. Last but not least, Agricool is a multi channel distribution brand, selling its products directly to customers and retailers.

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