Leocare raises a $110M Series B!

Leocare raises a $110M Series B!

2021 magic is not over! 

We are very excited to share that Leocare has raised a $110M Series B, led by Eight Roads and Series A’s former investors VentechFelix Capital, and the fabulous daphni team 😎

A big milestone for the very ambitious team of Leocare, after a massive year and an impressive 500% growth

Let’s be honest guys: choosing your insurance services provider is expensive and boring for everyone. Leocare managed to reinvent the experience and to turn it into a fun and user-friendly one.Why would we have to subscribe separately for car, mobile, and home insurance? This insight is at the heart of Leocare’s strategy and they are now gathering everything in an all-in-one subscription, and for the whole family. Simple and efficient 💁

This makes sense with Leocare’s core mission: to put the customer first, and to provide him with the best service possible. This implies for instance to shift from today’s protection-oriented model to a prevention-based approach, which will also provide a less expensive service for customers. That’s what we call a win-win strategy 🤝

Not surprising for a company whose values are simplicity, flexibility and proximity.

The Britany-based start-up has also another big challenge: conquer the European market, starting with our Spanish neighbors 🇪🇸🇪🇺

Dare to dream big! To do so, Leocare will also be hiring new talents for 2022, including UX, Customer Relationship Management, and Software development positions.

We wish Christophe DandoisNoureddine Bekrar, and the whole Leocare team all the best for 2022! We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

To listen to the story behind Leocare’s foundation, we suggest you to listen to our podcast episode with Christophe, he explains how this whole adventure started!  

Da yours, 

The daphni team

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