daphni 2022 wrap-up

daphni 2022 wrap-up

daphni 2022 wrap-up

daphni 2022 wrap-up

To start this new year, this edito will be fully dedicated to us and this crazy year of 2022 at daphni: a year full of projects and accomplishments. With our team of 23 audacious mutants (including 7 newcomers in 2022):

  • we launched our new retail fund Dastore in collaboration with Carrefour,
  • we announced 10 new deals and 13 reinvestments. All in all our portfolio companies raised more than 1bn$,
  • we experienced 2 exits and 4 consolidations or mergers (but also a few write-offs),
  • we received more than 16000 opportunities of investment on our platform since its launching 6 years ago,
  • we provided a 1x DPI to our daphni Purple LPs (vintage 2016),
  • we received the B Corp Certification, published our 1st public ESG report and built a mission committee with first tier members,
  • we consolidated our tech for good investment strategy with new investments in circular economy, impact marketing, edtech, financial inclusion… to always build da city for good,
  • we welcomed 2 newcomers in our dedications: Solidaires en Peloton & #TechYourPlace,
  • we celebrated Alain Aspect, co-founder of Pasqal, a portfolio company, for receiving The Nobel Prize in Physics,
  • we organized more than 30 events to gather the ecosystem and the +350 members of our community,
  • we supported intensively the founders of our companies to help them be as well equipped as possible to face the new paradigms of the ecosystem,
  • we launched our insights center and published research around Carbon, BNPL, Generative AI, Dark kitchens…


Discover everything you’ve just read in our short video 😉

Now it’s time to wish you a Happy New Year, cheers to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2023!

And last but not least a HUGE thanks to YOU for reading us every Thursday!



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