daphni unveils its very first ESG report

daphni ESG

daphni unveils its very first ESG report

April is definitely the month of great projects revealment! And these ones are very close to our hearts, as they’re deeply echoing with our DNA.

📄 You know that build da city for good is our go-to since the creation of daphni. So today, we’re unveiling our first ESG Report, based on our 2021 activities. 

💚 2021 was also an important year for daphni as we have registered in our legal status our purpose as a Mission Driven Company. It was the most logical next step for daphni, and we’re so proud about it!

👥 We’re also very proud to have gathered inspiring members for our Mission Committee: Marc Simoncini, Brune Poirson, Thibaud Hug de Larauze, Isabelle Combarel and Bertrand Badré. They will oversee the advancement of our mission and monitor its execution.

🌱 And last but not least, we’re on the right track to acquire the B Corp certification. We obtained a score of 123,3 during the preliminary phase in May 2021 (to give you an idea, the minimum required is 80).

Da yours, 

The daphni team

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