Double announcements, Double Innovation

Double announcements, Double Innovation

Double announcements, Double Innovation

The common thread between RBF and biotech?
None, but great news for both!

This week, we don’t have ONE, but TWO big news.💥

Let’s start with the latest. You’re (almost) the first to know, as the news was announced this morning: Epigene Labs, our fav AI-native biotech is supported by the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund, as well as from its historical investors (daphni, XAnge, and Majycc). Since 2019, Epigene Labs has been working to improve precision oncology research and drug development. 🧬 The focus now will be on expanding their commercial team, and developing their innovative platform mCUBE. We can’t wait to see them reach new milestones in the coming months. 🚀

Earlier this week, we also welcomed a newcomer to the daphnipolis (it feels like the family is getting biggeeeeer!): Flow48 is now officially part of our Yellow portfolio! Cooler than joining our great community, the team raised a $25M Pre-Series A funding round to keep empowering underrepresented SMEs by facilitating lending. And as we never miss an opportunity to introduce you to the members of our community, Idriss Al Rifai, Flow48’s co-founder and CEO, took the mic for a new podcast episode. You’ll see, his resume is IMPRESSIVE: from a professional basketball player to the Forces SpĂ©ciales, Ministry of Defense, to creating and selling successful businesses… all this until he became head of Flow48, the new kick-ass RBF (Revenues Based Financing) solution in the UAE.

Da yours,

The daphni team đź‘ľ

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