What a green news!

What a green news!

Hi folks,

We keep hearing that we need to reduce our personal emissions from 10T to 2T of CO2/person/year, but paying attention to our environmental impact is also and more than ever true for companies.

For manufacturers to have a significant impact, it’s important to quantify this carbon footprint and to ensure detailed monitoring in order to identify possible ways of improvement. This is exactly what Patrick Asdaghi has tackled by co-founding Carbon Maps for the agri-food industry last year, with Estelle Huynh and Jérémie Wainstain.

🥁 And the big news is… In February 2023, Carbon Maps raised €4M, which enabled them to not only hire new members, but also to anticipate the implementation of eco-score regulations in January 2024. Today, this pre-seed round has been extended to €7M, and we’re delighted to be part of it to support them in the environmental transition of the agri-food industry!

🎙Because we like to introduce you to the founders and inspiring personalities who surround us at daphni, Patrick Asdaghi came a few days ago to talk to us (or rather to you) about the Carbon Maps mission, his background as a serial entrepreneur, the extension of the Carbon Maps round… all this in a brand new podcast episode.

Da yours,

The daphni team 👾

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