The reality of ESG policies worldwide

The reality of ESG policies worldwide

The reality of ESG policies worldwide

The reality of ESG policies worldwide

Hi folks,

In the post-pandemic era, global commitment to fight climate change reached unprecedented levels. Unfortunately, today, there are signs of a retreat. 
In an article published in Le Monde, Pierre-Eric Leibovici (co-founder of daphni) and Isabelle Combarel (SWEN) express their concerns about the future of responsible investment, especially in light of the changes taking place in the US.

🇺🇸Once a pioneer in ESG strategy, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has made a dramatic U-turn. In the U.S, conservative forces resist ESG measures. Is it hinting at potential European challenges ?

🇫🇷🇪🇺We won’t spoil the entire article for you, but what we can already tell you is that the establishment of the CSDR in Europe is a precious asset. However, to avoid potential European deregulation, European players have all the cards to anticipate the markets of the future. To learn more and see what’s happening on the French font, explore the tribune.

What we know for sure is that investors have a crucial role to play in giving a chance to innovative entrepreneurs who are willing to change usages towards a better world. Refurbishing, upcycling, waste reduction… that’s the future. 🚀

It’s a role we take very seriously at daphni, surrounded by Damien Didier, our ESG manager, and a team sensitive to environmental issues. Find out more about daphni’s Sustainability disclosures. ​​​​​​

Da yours, 
The daphni team 👾

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