Go big or go home? Swile goes BIG

Go big or go home? Swile goes BIG

Annnnnnnd… This is a unicorn!

We can’t get enough good news folks! We’ve had a lot of those lately, but today it’s special as Swile raises $200 million and becomes a unicorn. Yes, another one!

Little reminder for those of you who just arrived in the game: Swile has the mission to bring a better work experience to employees and to make companies a better place for all.

So, imagine our faces when we realized the news: half proud, half excited! Because at daphni, we are always very keen to support game-changing startups which are willing to reinvent usages. And that’s why we trusted the founder Loïc Soubeyrand in 2016 when we met him so he could present his project, at that time called Lunchr. How far have we come!

This Series D is led by the international Softbank, alongside historical funds such as Eurazeo, Index and Bpifrance Large Venture, as well as the newcomer Headline.

And as good things come in pairs, Swile is also changing its identity: new logo, new colors, new font, and a new website. Anyway, it’s a new Swile you’ll deal with now.

By the way, we mainly know Swile for the lunch voucher card — the Swile Card (which is going WORLDWIDE), but did you know that they also have a Swille App to enable companies to engage more their employees? It measures and acts on employee engagement, through features that stimulate cohesion, exchange, recognition and feedback between colleagues. All these features will be launching very soon. And that’s only the beginning. Stay tuned!

It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Well Swile counts 500 employees including 120 in Sao Paulo, as Bresil represents the world’s number one country for employee benefits.
And to continue making its clients (Carrefour, PSG, Airbnb, Tik Tok, Spotify..) happy at work, Swile will continue to seek the best talent and recruit about 500 employees between now and the end of 2022, divided between Brazil and France, and will thus double the size of the company.


Only one thing left to say: let’s smile at work!

Da yours,

The daphni team

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