Olfa Zorgati, living da fast life!

Olfa Zorgati, living da fast life!

Hi folks!

As you are starting to know us quite well and to get acquainted with our vision, you should know how much we value the power of the community!

We often say ‘No one knows everything’, and that’s the reason why we are surrounded by brilliant people, entrepreneurs, experts, corporates, artists, willing to build with us the world we are dreaming of. And today, we are very excited to share with you the portrait of one of them: Olfa Zorgati.

Olfa is one of those people who is enthusiastic about everything. A powerful and positive mindset, that feels like a breath of fresh air, everywhere she goes.

She is the Chief Financial Officer of ESI Group, a company specializing in virtual prototyping solutions.

Her passion for mathematics and finance started very early. After graduating in Finance from HEC, she moved to Hong Kong as a trainee to work for Credit Agricole for one year. Back in Paris, Olfa joins Vivendi to execute multiple acquisitions of small and multi-billion companies (besides, she meets Marc Simoncini at this time, when he sold iFrance to Vivendi).

She also occupied for several years the positions of Financial Director in Canal+, then in Ventadis (which is part of Groupe M6).

But great careers don’t come without great sacrifices, and Olfa doesn’t know the word ‘impossible’. Every time she gets confronted with a hardship, she turns it into an opportunity… and masters it!

She is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion at work and at daphni we really enjoy what she says towards those issues. There’s no way you’ll find her not having multiple activities: she loves to organize parties and to gather people (especially women) to create new networks.

By the way, as a tribute to her Tunisian heritage, Olfa is launching a boutique-hotel in the Medina of Tunis. We can’t wait to see how beautiful it will look!

Let’s share with you our latest podcast episode with Olfa, we are sure you will have the biggest smile after listening to her amazing background (we just gave you a sneak peek 😉) and her enthusiastic mindset!

And if you are more into reading, we’ve got you covered as we wrote a portrait of her, just here.

Da yours,

the daphni team

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