Laurence Bret-Stern: From London, Paris, NY… to Chamonix!

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Laurence Bret-Stern: From London, Paris, NY… to Chamonix!

Hi folks! 

Let’s get some fresh air before the summer heat hits us! 

Today, we are going to introduce you to another inspiring member of our community: Laurence Bret. She has an incredible curriculum, with experiences in multiple global capitals such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York…! She occupied various marketing positions in Orange, AOL, and LinkedIn, where she was responsible for the opening of LinkedIn France offices in March 2011. She got her investor’s hat when she became UK Director of the french crowd equity platform OneRagTime.

I think you will agree with us, Laurence has an impressive background!

But one day, the Covid hits us all and the lockdown begins. She decides to run away with her family to settle for a few weeks in their chalet in Chamonix (tips: never pronounce the X of Chamonix when you meet someone from this beautiful place).

Weeks turn into months but she definitely decided to stay after meeting her future partner for what will be her next project: Mountain Path. This new company is described by Laurence as being a mix of “everything she enjoyed in her previous experiences”: marketing new services, entrepreneurship, a bit of boldness and a lot of passion! 

Mountain Path is providing companies with leadership seminars, inspired by the methodology of mountain secourists and risks-management. 

So we let you enjoy this new episode with Laurence! And do not hesitate to discover all the other episodes just there

Da yours,

The daphni team

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