Marion Carrette, from cars to wool balls

Marion Carrette, from cars to wool balls

Hi folks,

If you know daphni well enough, you’ll know that we deeply care about our community members. So much that we invite some of them to record a podcast in our offices, and then sometimes even write a dedicated editorial in our weekly newsletter – like today! Anyway, we’d like to tell you more about Marion Carrette, an entrepreneur we have known for a long time.

Marion is the definition of our moto “Build da city for good”. Since she founded Zilok and then Ouicar, she truly is part of the ones that want to reinvent our usages, by building impactful projects. We won’t go into details for Zilok and Ouicar as Marion started a whole new project: she decided to rebrand an old brand called Anny Blatt.
You understood, Marion has more than one string to her bow. And she came straight from Marseille to tell us her story in this our new podcast episode!

On the menu folks: the theme of the circular economy with the creation of two companies (Zilok and Ouicar), and the theme of taking over a company and all the issues that go with it. Yes, it is today from the South of France that Marion decided to start from scratch with the famous French brand Anny Blatt, a brand of knitting wools and ready-to-wear created in 1933.

And as Christmas is approaching, you will be delighted to know that Anny Blatt just opened its pop up store until December 5th, at 16 rue de Crussol (Paris 11). Go and have a look, soft pelotes and warm sweaters to be found. ✨

If you want to discover Marion’s precious tips, we are happy to share them with you in today’s episode.


The daphni team

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