Luc Julia: The Genius Behind Siri

Luc Julia: The Genius Behind Siri

Luc Julia: The Genius Behind Siri

Luc Julia: The Genius Behind Siri

Hi folks,

šŸŽ™Luc Julia, the brilliant mind whoĀ brought Siri to lifeĀ before Apple adopted it, opens the doors to his incredible journey in this awe-inspiringĀ new episode of our podcast!

As aĀ co-founder of SiriĀ alongsideĀ Adam Cheyer, thisĀ French engineer shaped the future of artificial intelligenceĀ and revolutionized the way we interact with technology.Ā And because there might be a magic recipe, we’reĀ eager to uncover the one that allowed Siri to achieve an impressive growth, from 0 to 500M users within a year. Folks, we want to know EVERYTHING!

Paul BazinĀ andĀ Sophie de Champs, both from daphni, spent an hour finding out more about the hidden face of the tech giants that have seen Luc Julia pass through their doors –Ā Apple, Samsung and Amazon. After spending more thanĀ 30 years in the Silicon Valley, Luc is able to give honest feedback!

And Luc is not done yet. He’s still involved in several projects: in addition to beingĀ Chief Scientific Officer at Renault, he’s also co-founder of 3 startups.

šŸŽ§ Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the secrets of Luc Julia’s success and audacity in this captivating episode here.

ā˜€ļø PS: If you want to discover more episodesĀ during your summer time, theyā€™re all yours.

Da yours,
The daphni Team šŸ‘¾

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