Sustainable packaging Plastics & new materials

Sustainable packaging Plastics & new materials

Since 1950, plastic production has exploded, rising from 2.3 million tonnes a year to 460 million in 2023. A veritable climate bomb. Mainly used for packaging, this practical, inexpensive material could have been ideal… except that it has disastrous consequences for the environment and human health.

Since this awakening, solutions have been emerging:
🧑‍⚖️ Regulatory incentives (European directive on single-use plastics in 2019, the anti-waste law for the circular economy, the 3R strategy, etc.).
♻️ Recycle plastic (mechanical, biological and chemical recycling)
🥡 Alternative materials & new technologies (algae, mycelium, molded fibers, waste)
👉 New usages (bulk sales, deposit, refillable) 

For Alexandra Dubar and Ophélie Derlon, the fight against single-used plastics rely on a strong legislative arsenal, alternative materials and of course changes of habits.

Big up to Les Echos for sharing our vision on this topical issue, which deserves to be heard! Keep read the full article here.

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