Ida: The end of fresh produce waste

Ida: The end of fresh produce waste

⚠️ 40% of the world’s food is wasted
⚠️Wasting 1kg of avocado is enough to take showers for about 50 days
⚠️Waste due to over-ordering of fresh produce emitted 6x more GHGs than all air transport in Europe in 2022.

But the good news is: an innovative solution has just emerged to put an end to food waste in fresh produce: Ida. And we are thrilled to support Mateo BeaccoMathieu GrossoAlex Chataigner and all the team in this adventure and to participate in the €2.7M round just disclosed. 🎉

Ida is a fresh supply chain management SaaS platform for retailers. It uses artificial intelligence to implement a unique management software able to anticipate the ordering requirements of fresh produce for retailers looking to maximize their margins and minimize losses.
Imagine a world where fresh produce is less wasted and no longer out of stock. Awesome, right? 

🎙For the occasion, Mateo Beacco, co-founder and CEO, came to our mic to record the 50th episode with Alexandra Dubar and Sophie de Champs! 🎉

We were discussing about :
♻️Their impact objective: to avoid 1,500 tonnes of food waste by 2025
🤝Expand the team by recruiting sales & operations staff
🚀A mixed mission: reduce food waste, increase sales due to fewer out-of-stocks situations, improve product freshness thanks to better product rotation, minimize the drudgery experienced by field teams.
💪 Their first successes with a Swiss company

🎧A podcast episode full of optimism driven by the new generation. Congrats Ida team! 

Da yours,

The Daphni Team 👾

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