The power of donating pre-loved items

The power of donating pre-loved items

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Enough of the “I might need it one day” mentality. Whether it’s your good old fridge gathering dust in your cellar or your tennis racket that you’ve had to repair since 1992, these items might be exactly what your neighbor is looking for. In order to connect donors and needers, Hakim and Florian created an app: Geev. You got it, Geev is a platform revolutionizing second-hand giving. 💚

The fact is, there are only positive outcomes to using Geev. From the donor’s side: giving items to individuals is easier than you think, and rather than throwing them away, you make someone happy! Cherry on the cake, you give your stuff a second, third, or even fourth life! On the needer’s side, collecting pre-loved items prevents you from buying new stuff, participating in lowering your CO2 emissions and helping you go from 10T to 2T. ♻️

🎙In our latest podcast episode, we talked with Hakim Baka, co-founder and CEO. He reveals the value of changing our habits for a more eco-conscious, empowered, and giving future. Co-founded in 2016, Geev has evolved into a huge community of over 5 million users spanning France, Belgium and Switzerland. Since its launch, 25 million donations have been made on the app – impressive! Today, this is equivalent to 1 donation every 3 seconds.

In this episode, Aurélie and Paul have asked Hakim various questions such as Geev’s business model, the most unexpected items donated on the app, and all the advantages of using Geev. Discover the 49th episode on the power of donating pre-loved items here. Enjoy! 

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