Unveiling our ESG report & Impact scoring tool 💚

Unveiling our 2023 ESG report & Impact Scoring Tool 💚

The need to reduce our carbon emissions from 10 tons to 2 tons per person per year, which has been daphni’s mission during the last 8 years since our inception, is becoming ever more urgent to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, as well as to hope of living in a more sustainable world. This is partly a technological challenge, coupled with sobriety, and daphni aims to be at its forefront!

But what actually happened in 2023 at daphni on the ESG side?
💥 10 charities and initiatives supported
🚀 3,575 employees in our portfolio companies (+16% year on year)
🌱 Annual carbon footprint assessed and for our investments equivalent to 17tCO2e/m€ invested
♻️ First annual ESG campaign through Apiday
🤝 Joining the iC International in June 2023 and the Mouvement Impact France in December 2023

If you wanna discover more, read the our whole 2023 annual ESG report here!
And since we’re on a roll and don’t intend to stop there, we’re thrilled to unveil today our updated version of the Impact Scoring Tool! Because sharing is caring 💚

In the bustling landscape of 2023, our focus has been on enhancing objectivity in our impact rating methodology. We’re thrilled to unveil our updated version, now open source, to the ecosystem.

At daphni, our proprietary impact scoring empowers us to rigorously evaluate and quantify the impact of products and services within the investment opportunities we scrutinize.

This scoring system combines quantitative and qualitative indicators to evaluate the sustainability of a project and align it with our responsible investment framework. We are convinced that a mix of both indicators is necessary to capture the impacts and sustainability risks in VC, especially those operating in early stage. It’s not perfect, but hey, it’s a solid start right? 😉

daphni’s impact scoring system is a comprehensive assessment of a startup’s potential to create positive social and environmental impact. It is based on three interrelated pillars: impact, scale, and depth.

👉 Download this gem made by Damien Didier (Head of Sustainability) here & discover all about it in the methodology.

Da yours,

The daphni team

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