Welcome in da house Witco!

Welcome in da house Witco!


Never twice without thrice right? And what an understatement to say that we are very excited to announce that daphni is part of Witco’s latest Series A round of $14M, alongside EurazeoNaxicap Partners & ULInvest.

Witco (ex-MonBuilding) provides people the best possible experience in their professional and personal living spaces. Working hand-in-hand with HR managers and landlords, Witco is aiming to build the future of commercial and residential real estate thanks to serviced, collaborative and smart spaces, managed seamlessly through an all-in-one digital app.

They are already equipping the headquarters of Parfums Christian Dior, Mazars, Vinci or BNP Paribas Real Estate, as well as Covivio buildings, Wellio co-working places or CROUS residences (and much more!)

The attraction for this relevant service had already been proven before the Covid-19 pandemic but it has been even more validated after the lockdowns, as studies show that workers massively defend a mix between remote and office work.

But this implies coordinationcentralization and personalization, which are the key value propositions of Witco. Above all, they are committed to recreate links between co-workers or neighbors and that’s a mission that we are very proud to support!

Created in 2016 by Eliane Lugassy and Kévin Longer, Witco (ex-MonBuilding) rapidly expanded and is revealing its new name ‘Witco’, in order to facilitate its international expansion (they opened new offices in UK and Germany!)

Eliane Lugassy, Witco CEO & Co-Founder, says: “This latest funding endorses our vision consisting in reshaping spaces into a more serviced and collaborative approach. As the function of the office changes, we contribute to redefining the work and home experience through technology.”

Be ready, the real estate market is evolving really quickly and we are thrilled to be part of it!

Don’t miss our new podcast episode with Eliane Lugassy, she’s giving a lot of insightful feedback about her experience as a co-founder.

Da yours,

The daphni team

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