Damien Didier

ESG Manager

Damien is ESG Manager at daphni. He is the guardian of Daphni’s raison d’être and supports all its stakeholders in taking social and environmental issues into account. Before joining Daphni, Damien worked for an institutional investor, covering all types of Impact Investing and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) issues. He is a graduate of the IESEG management school. His long-term goal is to participate in building a more sustainable future.

"Chaque demi-degré compte, chaque année compte, chaque choix compte" - Valérie Masson-Delmotte

Damien's fun facts

Super power

Never shies away from a debate

Smile when

He is presented with food

He can teach

How to make gyozas

Why did he join the VC world?​

To be inspired by entrepreneurs who want to tackle social and environnemental issues

Soft skills

Curious, outgoing and adaptable


Talk about your favorite restaurant


 Tech for good, circular economy, impact

How he acts for good

Reduce meat, eat local and seasonal food

Mission at daphni

Help daphni to build a sustainable future

climate fresks facilitated
+ 0
decks of impact projects reviewed
books read per month
plants grew (and still alive!)